Anneroos Everts

Creative Mathematician


Hi! My name is Anneroos, and I am a creative mathematician. Besides my current work as a Data Scientist, I like juggling, dancing and making web games. If you would like to see my CV, you can find it here. Feel free to send me an email at or contact me through LinkedIn.

Below you can see some of my projects, games and interests.


Since December 2012 I have been regularly participating in Ludum Dare - a game making competition in which you make a small (web) game from scratch in one weekend, alone or in a team. At the start of the event a theme is announced, after which you have 48 or 72 hours to come up with a brand new game. Besides programming, this also includes making the art, designing the levels, composing music and making sound effects.

Unfortunately, these games are not intended for mobile phones. Best played in Chrome or Firefox. Also, the older games can be a bit buggy. ;)


Balance your neck and head by moving your body! - Every time the giraffe moves house, she hurts her neck from lifting all those heavy boxes! During her recovery, the urban jungle can be tricky to navigate.

LD 49: 'Unstable', October 2021.
Together with Jelle.


Loop your way through the levels in this challenging one-button game, by toggling between turning right and going straight. There are 5 levels for you to enjoy. Can you master them all?

LD 47: 'Stuck in a loop', October 2020.


The glyphwalker tries to reach a certain nice flower, but its path is blocked by rocks and enemies. Luckily, you can summon help if you walk in a specific shape on the grid.

LD 55: 'Summoning', April 2024.

Pipeline Ride

Follow the line by making turns at the right moment. There is only one way to go: towards the finish! Try to get there as fast as possible.

LD 54: 'Limited space', September 2023.


Help Polly in this abstract puzzle game to find the shortest route to deliver the different polygons to the right locations. There are 9 levels. Can you beat them all?

LD 53: 'Delivery', April 2023.

Secret Sorter

It’s a mess here, you feel the urge to get things sorted out. But you shouldn’t be here… They are watching you! There will be a photo taken every 10 seconds, you better not be visible.

LD 51: 'Every 10 seconds', October 2022.

Keep it aloft

In this small game, you juggle with your life. Keep on breathing while avoiding obstacles and pushing deadlines.

LD 46: 'Keep it alive', April 2020.

Leaf Blower

In this challenging and soothing game, you can play around with a leaf. Where will it take you?

LD 45: 'Start with nothing', October 2019. Together with Wouter.

Safe Cave

Oh no, the aliens are coming! Avoid being beamed up by their fancy powerful green beam, and go as deep as possible into the Safe Cave!

LD 48: 'Deeper and deeper', April 2021.
Together with pixel artist Daniel!

Bubble Becky

Bubble Becky is a short innovative platformer. Move yourself through four unique levels with your magnificent bubblegum skills, and beat the final boss. Overthrow the robot government for justice!

LD 32: 'An Unconventional Weapon', April 2015.
Together with Jelle and pixel artist Daniel!

Piggy Bank

As a piggy bank, your life is all about money. You need money to get higher up, but you also need money to extend your life. So choose wisely as you climb.

LD 44: 'Your life is currency', April 2019.
Together with Wouter.

The Inevitable Relay

Three people, two segways.
One will have to run!

Get as far as possible, before you inevitably run out of energy. What is your highscore?

LD 50: 'Delay the Inevitable', April 2022.


This game is about your personal space, your aura. Sometimes, you don't like other people to get too close, and you just want to scream: give me some space!

LD 42: 'Running out of space', August 2018.


In this local two-player game, two robots race to find the most pairs of chips. Along the way they will find upgrades, portals and attacks.

LD 41: 'Combine two incompatible genres', April 2018. With audio by Wouter and Rob.

Ruins & Riches

Everyone knows that ancient ruins are filled with ancient treasures, just waiting for enterprising adventurers such as yourself. To clear a path through the ruins you have to smash them up a bit, just try to take it easy so UNESCO won't get mad.

Alakajam 11: 'Ancient ruins', February 2021.
Together with Jelle.


It's well past bedtime when a low rumble rolls through the streets of Friedrichshafen. Hindenboxer, a monster from ancient times, has awoken! Exploding zeppelin pilots scramble to combat the menace, but do they have what it takes?
Music by Otto Roth.

LD 33:'You are the Monster', 2015.

I didn't know
we still had that

Do you also have some stuff lying around in boxes that you haven't looked at for years? In this game you have to combine speed with memory. Can you find all the items in time?
Music by Otto Roth.

LD 40: 'The more you have the worse it is', 2017.


Prepare your sheep! Distribute a given number of actions over your sheep to get them to the flower.

Mini LD 55: 'Preparation'. 2014

Intergalactic Express

Congratulations with your new job at Intergalactic Express! It's your job to deliver packages to neighboring planets. Make sure you visit every planet at least once. As fuel is expensive, you only get just enough fuel for each mission. Good luck!

LD 30: 'Connected Worlds', August 2014.


Turn mountains into masterpieces with Leonardo's ingenous flying sculpting machine.

LD 36: 'Ancient Technology', August 2016.


In the year 2078, a giant meteor storm threatens Earth. Swedish engineer Grimbald Horrmang invents a robot to retrieve precious metals from the rain of fiery death: SODEFJUKEL.
Our first JavaScript game!

LD 26: 'Minimalism', April 2013.


Far, far away, in the remote hills of a wealthy Kingdom, the Royal Treasury lies hidden between the trees. Skreen the Dragon has been chained to the entrance to guard the King's gold. Adventurers from all eight corners of the Kingdom come to search for it. Can you guard the treasury?

LD 31: 'Entire Game on One Screen', December 2014.

Snakes and Letters

A hardcore 1.5-player platformer in which you climb to the top of a pyramid to reach the tomb of your ancestors. Along the way there are three relics to collect.

LD 37: 'One Room', December 2016.

Ninox the Nightbringer

You are Ninox, the bringer of Darkness! In this puzzle game, your job is to black out the world, one level at a time. You have to use the switches for this, but beware of the spikes - the darkness can be treacherous!

Our first game! originally made in Python.
LD 25: 'You are the villain', December 2012.


Two caterpillars play each other in a riveting soccer match. It's a two-players-on-one-keyboard game, but you're welcome to hurt your brain by trying to play both sides.
With pixel artist Daniel.

Mini LD 58: 'Pong', March 2015.


The black hole at the bottom of the ocean is hungry! And she has very specific wishes too. Bring her the correct types and amounts of sacrificial plankton before your opponent does and before she changes her appetite.

LD 43: 'Sacrifices must be made'. December 2018.
Together with Wouter.

Don't forget your old shipmate

Aarrrhhhh! Battle her majesty's finest and plunder gold to your black heart's content!

LD 28: 'You only get one', December 2013.

Balls and Lines

The goal in this puzzle game is to connect the balls with a limited number of lines. Can you finish all the levels?

My first game that I made on my own, 2013.


A quick little game full of easter eggs.
How many easter eggs can you throw in the basket?

A small easter game made together with Wouter, 2017

Fungi Focus

In this simple little counting game, your job is to watch the mushrooms closely and try to keep track of how many mushrooms of a certain species grew on the patch of green.

Alakajam 14: 'Fungi', February 2022.

The theft of the magic potato

In this single-serving slow-paced tactical game of thievery, you program 3 robots in order to steal a magic potato. The robots only have power for 10 seconds, so plan accordingly.

LD 27:'10 seconds', August 2013.

The prime game

The idea of this little game is simple: do you know if the given numbers are prime or not? Stack the prime numbers on the left, and the composite numbers on the right. Good luck!



Play with the variables and draw pretty patterns!

One of my earliest small projects with JavaScript. 2013


In this very primitive drawing game, you can only draw using white and black circles. Let this restriction feed your creativity, and build your own snowman!

One of my first projects learning JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. 2013


Juggling act

For the annual dance performance of Addance, my dance teacher asked me if I wanted to make a juggling act. After many years of juggling, this is my first proper juggling act.
Photos by Huib van Dijk

July 2018

Siteswap Article

Together with Wouter van Doorn, I wrote a (Dutch) article about siteswaps in the Periodiek, the magazine of the study association Fysisch-Mathematische Faculteitsvereniging (FMF).


Siteswap Domino

For my juggling friends who like siteswaps. I made some domino-like cards in Inkscape. Print them out and try to make up the rules yourselves. :)

Unfinished. 2013


Below you can find my theses. You can find my publications here.

PhD thesis

During my PhD, I have studied the disturbance decoupling problem for linear multi-modal systems. We also studied the fault detection and isolation problem for bimodal systems and for systems defined over graphs. Finally, we studied a nonlinear consensus protocol with arbitrary sign-preserving nonlinearities.

December 2016

Master thesis

"From finite automata to power series and back again."
Given a finite q-automaton over F_q with m states, what can we say about the algebraic degree of the corresponding algebraic power series over F_q? Conversely, given an algebraic power series of algebraic degree d, can we bound the size of a generating minimal automaton?


Bachelor thesis

"Automorphism groups of cyclic codes."
Codes are used to store and send information. In this thesis we prove that the automorphism group of the binary Hamming code of length n = 2m − 1 is isomorphic to GL(m, 2). Next, we consider some transitive subgroups of S_n and give an application of automorphism groups to the minimum weight of a code.