Siteswap domino

Inspired by the siteswap dice by my friend and jugglerGuido van Hout, I made these siteswap domino cards:

Click on the picture to see the pdf, or right click and select 'save link' to download.

When you place the cards on the table, you have to make sure that the same colors touch. Every cycle that arises, corresponds to a valid 3-ball siteswap. The colors on the arrows correspond to different 'states' that a 3 ball juggling pattern can be in.

The rules are not set yet. You could play alone or with a friend and place the cards one by one on the table. Whenever you see a siteswap/cycle arise, you try to juggle it. For example, you get 3 tries, and the number of arrows in the siteswap is the number of points you get. Maybe you get extra points when you can start with your other hand? (But if you fail nothing?) Do you start from cascade, or 'cold start', for half of the points?

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